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Financial Crisis
This section gathers the contributions on the financial crisis.

Professor Calomiris plan

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Columbia Professor Calomiris offers some proposals to solve the financial crisis.

"Preferred stock assistance would work best if it were required to be matched by common stock issues underwritten by the private sector, which would ensure the proper targeting of assistance, and force private parties rather than taxpayers to bear first-tier losses. Banks in need of capital would apply for Matched Preferred Stock (MPS) assistance. Initially, say for three years, there would be no dividend paid to the government on MPS. That subsidy would increase the net worth of the recipient and facilitate raising additional capital via common stock."

It doesn't seem realistic on the short-run, whic private investor would want to invest in financials in the current market?

You can read his proposals here.


Professor Sachs proposals

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Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs has some proposals to solve the financial crisis. You can read his proposals here.


Interview with Prof. Robert Barro

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Professor Barro teaches at Harvard and is well-known for his work on monetary policy and economic growth. He has given an interesting interview to the Atlantic Monthly that you can read here.


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