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Bretton Woods 3
In this section, the reports and links deal with articles on the international monetary and financial system. The original Bretton Woods system created in 1944 ended in 1971 when the US suspended the convertibility of the dollar into gold. Bretton Woods 2 is the current unofficial system in which the Asian countries maintain their currencies pegged to the dollar and finance the US current account deficit by accumulating reserves. Bretton Woods 3 is supposed to provide a new international monetary system. Topics include the world currency, currency zones, exchange rate policy etc..

Agenda for Reform

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Marc Uzan from the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee has recently published the proceedings of a conference on reforming the international and monetary system in the 21st century. You can read here.


What to Do?

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This is the link to Professor Paul Krugman's view on what to do to deal with the credit and economic crisis (an interesting quote "financial globalization has definitely turned out to be even more dangerous than we realized") : click here


Why Not the Gold Standard?

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This is the link to Professor Bradford De Long's view on the Gold standard : click here


Peterson Institute for International Economics

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The Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics is a non-profit organization that studies international economic policy.

This is the link to the Institute website : click here


What G20 Leaders Should Do

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Economists from Voxeu ( have come up with a list of recommendations for G20 leaders to fix the financial system.

This is the link to their report : click here



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